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Energy Storage System technology just took a GIANT LEAP Forward!

Solid State Super-Capacitor storage technology is now shipping for you solar energy project, utility Peaker plants, and just plain old excellent long term storage!

Super Capacitor technology is based on graphene, and has no chemistry  that affects other LFP and NMC battery technology; and are designed to fit into a standard rack mount chassis. MOST importantly they recharge in 30 minutes or less – meaning you can cycle your super capacitor energy storage arrays 3, 4, 5 or even 6 times a day without impacting its operational life or its power performance!

Congress RAISED the Renewable Energy Tax Credit to 30%**
now allowing Storage (batteries & capacitors) to also be eligible for the tax credit, even if you adding storage to your current system!

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** Applies to Commercial and Residential properties

Solid State Super Capacitors 
are key components for
Micro-grid energy systems — 

All-In-One Solar Installation, Rebates & Financing for Home Owners

Still waiting for the “right time” to install Solar for your home?  Maybe this will help…Congress just RAISED the Renewable Energy Federal Tax Credit to 30% on for 2022! Click that big yellow button below to get a Free Estimate…

Featuring Exceptional product technology from:

Super Capacitor Technology is designed for Grid-Tie and/or Off-grid solutions!

We configure these in pairs so that one is discharging while the other is charging providing a continuity of power.

  • Sizes ranging 5.0 kWh 150 kWh
  • Zero maintenance
  • No thermal runaway
  • No Altitude or Temperature Constraints
  • The most important aspect?

    These energy systems can recharged in 20 minutes or less and be cycled 3-4-5 times per day!  

    No conventional LFP or NMC technology 
    can do that


“Since using solar energy to power our Micro-grid energy systems, we have yet to receive an invoice from the Sun…” 

We only use Tier-1 Solar panels. These come with a 25 year production warranty and can withstand hail up to 250 mph!

Although solar panels are available in sizes of 395 watts – to over 550 watts per panel, sometimes the biggest is NOT the best though. 

For residential property there can be obstructions and hip roof angles to content with – in that case super high power panels are not going to be the best fit.

PV panels come in 60 cell, 72 cell, 84 cell and 96 cell configurations. They range from 6′ tall to over 8′ feet tall.

If you are space constrained using smaller (60 cell) panels will Net more power on a residential project.

Sol-Ark Hybrid Inverters are UL Certified to and support Super Capacitor technology for both Grid-Tie and Off-grid solutions, for full code compliance, 


They feature a built-in Automatic Transfer Switch to support  automatic grid outage cutover control including support for  Generators 

Examples of self-contained Micro-grids

Ballasted Ground Mounts for flat roof – requires zero roof penetration.

Solid State Super Capacitors utilize one molecule thick sheets of Graphene to create the static charge for energy storage.

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Step 1: Check the Offer page for the latest discounts and incentives!

Its always about he cost, so, see if the numbers make sense for your property, it takes about 2 minutes.

After reviewing design options if the numbers make sense, use the built-in scheduler to setup a private consultation call or meeting – Zoom or in person, whatever works for your schedule


Step 2: Select your Custom Solar Energy System

We use the industry’s best system components for your solution and ensure you are able to claim all rebates and discounts. 


Step 3: Enjoy the benefits of owning your own energy

Watch your bill go down, or even disappear , enjoy the electrically and environmentally Clean Energy from your own system, and completely resilient against grid outages! 

CS2Energy shows you how to

capitalize on the exceptional immediate and long term savings from 

using solar energy systems, graphene batteries and 

generator backup for a full trifecta of protection — 

Property Owners Searching for Solar Energy Solutions

Allow us to show you a Custom designed solution for your home or business, including all discounts and rebates, with the latest Graphene Batteries to run your entire property.

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Property Owners already using Solar

If you have already made the investment in solar, the next logical step is to add the technology to protect against a grid-outage – and graphene battery storage and generators make that happen seamlessly…

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Super Capacitor Energy systems require <30 minutes for recharge – conventional batteries like LFP and NMC require 10-42 hours; meaning they can only be used once per day, and are extremely sensitive to temperature and elevation – which is not an issue for Super Capacitor technology.

Super Capacitors Energy Storage Systems are now shipping for all Residential and Commercial projects —

* Less expensive than conventional (LFP & NMC) batteries
* can be re-charged 3-4-5-6 times per day providing 300% more usable power production.

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Solar Is Simple

If you think about Solar Energy systems – it really is simple. We provide context to help you understand the components and details, so you know how your system works and why it’s beneficial.

The good news is that Congress RAISED the Federal Tax Credit to 30% for the next ten years!

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Reviews Of Clients

William Meierer
William Meierer
Our representative Jerry is OUTSTANDING!!! Jerry was with us throughout the process from beginning to complication and afterwards to assist us with issues concerning our utility company billing and metering discrepancies. Tiffany and I would like to THANK Jerry for all his assistance, and recommend Blue Raven to all who inquire about solar companies. Thank You, Blue Raven for employing such OUTSTANDING individuals like Jerry and installation crew. EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL and REASSURING!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! 5 STAR HATS OFF, Jerry!!!! Tiffany and William
Tiffany Bartley
Tiffany Bartley
Amazing Customer Service! Very willing to answer questions or solve issues as they arrise even after a year. Enjoying not paying for electricity as I hear about the sky rocketing electricity costs from family & friends.
Just finished installing our new solar system with CS2Energy. These guys area great. I worked with Jerry on our design and he took me through the whole process and made sure I knew how all the pieces connected together and how the construction project would proceed. After our discussion I feel like I could explain this to my brother - it was that easy. I received several other bids on our system and although CS2Energy was slightly higher, there was just that little extra level of caring and concern that is hard to put a price on that made me know I was dealing with someone who has integrity. If you are thinking about using solar, give these guys a call -

You’ve likely noticed interest rates have risen dramatically over the last year, and this is particularly alarming for homeowners who are looking to invest in solar energy solutions, or to buy ANY asset – homes, cars, boats, etc…

The Federal Reserve has had a significant impact on these interest rate hikes, making it difficult for many homeowners to afford solar energy solutions.

Solar remains an excellent technical solution, but the numbers for a financed for can be a strain and many homeowners may end up paying more in the short term due the Fed’s interference.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to this problem: the Power Purchase Agreement (PAA). By using a PAA, you can take advantage of a zero-down payment option AND lower your monthly bill.

If you want to get solar without the hassle, contact us about your PPA and if you do so before December you will be able to claim a Vivint Home Security system for FREE –

This option is a real opportunity for homeowners who want to benefit from solar energy without paying a ton of money upfront.