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Next-gen Energy Storage Systems using Super Capacitor technology
are now shipping for ALL solar energy systems – when you order now you will save at least $8,900! 

Super Capacitor technology is unique in construction and operation, they are NOT subject to temperature extremes, or altitude; there are no chemical fluids to leak, and require ZERO maintenance. 

The lifetime design testing exceeds 50,000 cycles of 100% discharge , which is equivalent to 134 years of service being discharged once per day, 365 days a years, or if you wanted to discharge your super capacitors 3 times a day, then you’d only get 45 years of service, and still have more than 99% of original power remaining! 

Conventional LFP and NMC battery technology will still require 10-12 hours of recharge because they have to charge at a lower rate to minimize thermal runaway.

This technology is a literal game changer for the industry; and now,  you can have this technology for your home and business too, at special pricing — 

you will likely choose to discharge your super capacitors systems more than once a day in high consumption periods like late summer and in the dead of winter – they can easily be cycled 2-3-4-5 times a day and for the Spring and Fall you may not need to cycle them at all — 

Each of our Custom Hybrid Solar Energy Systems comes integrated with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) to enable you to continue using your solar energy , battery power and/or generator power in the event of a grid outage automatically.

We always deploy super capacitors in pairs and once can be discharging while the other is charging,  providing excellent continuity of power production for your property.

A pair of 5.0 kWh super capacitors (10 kWhs totalcan easily produce an additional 40 kWhs of energy per day on less than it costs to purchase a 13 kWh TESLA Powerwall; that means you need less solar panels for your home or business, and still be able to generate consistent power through-out the entire year, even in the  dead of winter when solar production is at its lowest – there isn’t any other energy storage technology that can do this. 

To see how this next-gen super capacitor technology can benefit your property call 719-671-5000 and mention the special discount code: “SCNOW” or 

email: service@cs2energy.com and insert the code into the body or subject. 

– – Here’s what is included in your Hybrid Solar Energy System — 



395-400 watt Tier-1 solar panels with 25 year production warranty


Latest generation

Latest generation Tier-1 solar energy panels (395-400 watts  for residential; 480-550 watts for Commercial and ground mounts)

25 year (transferrable) warranty 

Sol-Ark 15K
Hybrid Inverter with built-in Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) technology

Native support for Super Capacitor Energy Storage Systems and Generators.

(2) – Super Capacitor Energy Storage modules

< 30 minute recharge time

Simultaneous Charge and Discharge

1-4 charge cycles per day, customizable by time of year and consumption demands

50,000+ lifetime <charge/discharge cycles  

To claim this special offer, call 719-671-5000, and 
provide the special discount code: “SCNOW

or email service@cs2energy.com and include the code above –