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The Special offer is coming right up – but first some context is necessary to understand the issues with “batteries” and the alternatives

Q: Should I be using Batteries with my solar energy system?  

A: probably not…           What?!

The real question should be: “should I be using an Energy Storage System with my solar energy system”

and the answer to that question is… it may well be VERY useful to do so. 

Here’s why –

Batteries like the very popular Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo) and Nickel-Magnesium-Cobalt (NMC) and variants thereof, use chemical reactions to generate electricity and store it.  Chemical reactions generate heat and need a certain amount of heart to make the chemical re-action take place, thus conventional “batteries” like LiFePo are indeed subject to temperature and elevation and thermal runaway.

One of the best LiFePo batteries is the TESLA Powerwall 3, in its latest incarnation, it is still subject to temperature and altitude, and now available in a 20 kWh model, which is good…right?

It was a trick question (sorry).

Just because you have a bigger battery doesn’t mean it works any better, or can be recharged without worrying about heat.

LiFePo/NMC batteries and their variants still have limited operational life, as they are being subject to generating excessive heat and are affected by temperature and altitude and simply wear out.

But, Lithium batteries are the best aren’t they?  All the Solar companies and the EV manufacturers are using them.

Lithium/NMC battery technology have indeed transformed the industry making it possible for electric vehicles to be an actual useful transportation option versus gas and diesel power using battery technology that has evolved steadily.

Today, there is a much better alternative for Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) that can be used with virtually any energy system including Solar, utilities and vehicles.

ESS utilize solid-state super capacitor (SSC) technology and is a game changer. If we take a conventional 20 kWh LiFePo battery use it to backup your home, you can use about 60% of the energy before you need to start recharging it, so essentially you pay for 20 kWh and you only get 12 kWh usable, and the recharging process must also monitor the re-charge current to protect against heat build-up and thermal runaway, so you only get to use that 12 kWhs once per day.

When we look at a 10 kWh SSC, it can be discharged 100% to zero, without damage, and can be recharged in…wait for it…..about 30 minutes or less

Meaning you can discharge and re-charge that (1) 10 kWh SSC 3, 4, or even 5 times a day and get 30, 40, or 50 kWhs of useable energy out of that one little 10 kWh SSC.

A 20 kWh high performance LiFePo battery will cost you about $14,000.00 +/- and you can extract 12,000 watt hours before recharging
So $14,000 / 12,000 watt/hours = $1.16 / wH.
Useful life: 10-12 years, and honestly, less than that, if you are discharging EVERY DAY.

A 10 kWh SSC costs about $19,970.00, and will produce 40,000 kWhs of energy
So, $19,970 / 40,000 watt/hours = .50/ wH
Useful life: in exceeding 68 years cycling your SSC every day!  There is no other conventional battery technology that can do that or last that long.


When you integrate a 10 kWh SSC with your project you will receive an $5,900 pass-through discount per SSC! 

$14,070 / 40,000 watt hours = .35 cents / wH

Our Custom Hybrid Sol-Ark Solar Inverter Energy Systems come with an integrated Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) to enable you to continue using your solar energy, battery power and/or generator power in the event of a grid outage automatically.

When you use (2) SSCs on your project connected to a 15K Sol-Ark, one can be discharging while the other is charging, providing seamless power for your property.

We still have some of the 5.0 kWh ESS modules and connected in tandem, can easily produce an additional 40 kWhs of energy per day at less than half of what it costs to acquire a 20 kWh LiFePO Battery which will also take all day or night to recharge.  

To learn how this next-gen ESS technology can work for you, call 719-671-5000 and mention the special discount code: “SCNOW” 
email: service@cs2energy.com and insert the code into the body or subject. 

– – A typical Hybrid Energy System for a residential property — includes
(1) 12K or 15K Sol-Ark inverter
(2) 5 kWh Super Capacitors
(16 – 18) 400 watt black solar panels 




Only Tier-1 Equipment

solar energy panels 390-485 watt panels for  Residential, Commercial and ground mounts

25 year (transferrable) warranty 

Sol-Ark 12K or 15K
Hybrid Inverter with built-in Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) technology

Native support for Super Capacitor Energy Storage Systems and Generators.

(2) – Super Capacitor Energy Storage modules

< 30 minute recharge time
(with a 100 A power source)

Simultaneous Charge and Discharge; 1-4 charge cycles per day, customizable by time of year and consumption demands

50,000+ lifetime charge/discharge cycles

To claim this special offer, call 719-671-5000, and 
provide the special discount code: “UCESS

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