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Time of Day/Time of Use Utility Pricing, Net Metering, Solar Energy Evolution & Benefits


Its OK to be excited about moving to Solar Energy for your home, and there are some recent changes in electric policies that you will want to know about.

The primary program for using Solar Energy for your residential property falls under the tariff for a program called Net Metering with Solar Energy (or NMEP), which allows a homeowner to OWN their energy and take advantage of the utility company paying you for excess energy you don’t consume from your system…   

That’s a great draw for most homeowners, I’m sure you would agree.

A few years ago there were no limits on how large of a system a homeowner could build and the utility companies starting having to deal with large amounts of excess energy coming back to their grid that they had no place to store it.  Predictably, tariffs were “amended”, which is a kind way of saying “no longer in the homeowner’s interest.”

Today in most utility service areas, a homeowner is allowed to build a maximum size solar system of

10 kW or one that produces not more than 120% of their current consumption based on their actual billing information.

The issue that comes up is that SUMMER-time there are large demands on electric especially if you use central A/C. In July and August and sometimes September, you may use more energy than your panels can actually produce from a 10 kW system.

For those cases you simply use more grid electricity at what ever the going rate is for your area.  You may end up with a single month bill of anywhere from $50 – $250 in those circumstances if you are a large electric user.

There is a great way to overcome this limitation by adding a battery or two or three to your solar energy system to provides that extra renewable power to supplement higher usage times and ensure that you *ZERO-out your electric bill every month.

* ZERO means you are producing ALL of your electric needs with your Solar/battery

power and still be able to sell back the excess to the utility company – which is why

why most homeowners want to be on solar energy

 “Wait a minute…Are You Serious – the utility company PAYS me?”

Yes!  Call 719-671-5000 to learn more about Net Metering Energy Credits and how to use a battery to Offset those energy spikes in the Summer and Winter and how this hybrid system design protects you from a grid outage as well!

…and be sure to ask about our new SRF program that allows you to acquire, install and pay-off your entire system at installation!