Special Offer​

ECHO Homeowner  El Camino Subdivision – Pueblo, Colorad

Latest generation 400 watt monocrystalline solar panels and Energy Hub Inverter with 25 year (transferrable) warranty


SolarEdge Energy Bank battery DC-coupled battery, specifically for SolarEdge Inverters

SolarEdge Backup Interface Unit (BIU) with integrated automatic transfer switch


If you want to add a Battery to your existing system, that’s OK too – Claim the special offer to add a TESLA Powerwall 2 battery and Gateway (with integrated automatic transfer switch)!

PLEASE NOTE: When you add a battery or even a generator to your system, in order to use that power safely during a grid outage, you MUST have an automatic transfer switch to keep the power in your home and comply with National Electric Code and Nation Fire Code.

We ensure your safety by including the BIU or Gateway with your system…


AC Coupled battery allowing it to be added after the fact to ANY inverter, like EnphaseSol-ArkMagnasine, etc.


To claim your El Camino Homeowner Custom Solar Energy system and special benefits above – Call 719-671-5000 and provide the special discount code on your postcard. If you do not have a postcard, we can validate your special discount by physical address.

We’ll provide an Estimate for your system and offer a convenient time to speak wither via Zoom or face to face.