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ENERGY RATE CHANGES will be a major Negative Impact to All Americans!

Proposed energy rate changes on electricity including the use of solar energy and Net Energy Metering will result in major rate hikes starting in late 2022.

This policy brainstorm is rooted in California as the result of California PUC making it more and more difficult for people to access energy.

Unfortunately California “environmental” policies have a nasty habit of replicating like rabbits across the nation.

When these changes hit your neighborhood it will impact regular grid rates and will likely be accompanied by Time of Use or Time of Day fee rates which were primarily used for commercial applications.

That means we will be charged the HIGHEST RATES for using electricity when you need it the most, which is typically late afternoon after school into early evening when you prepare dinner and do the clothes.


You can prevent all this melee by moving to Solar Energy as your primary energy source whiel connected to the grid for convenience.

Change how you acquire energy. You are going to be using Solar Energy one way or the other as a result of Federal legislation forcing utilities to go green.

You will either continue RENTING electricity from the utility for 18 – 25 cents per kWh or you can OWN IT  for about 5-8 cents/kWh depending upon whether you use a roof mount or a ground mount solution.

Reserve your benefits for zero-out-of-pocket transition to use Solar Energy with the New Solar RE-FI program!

Your system will be PAID-IN-FULL at closinglocking in super low electric rates for the future and reducing your monthly electric bill to only a nominal “Access Fee” that typically varies from about $9/mo to $35/mo depending upon which utility serves your area.

Each utility ‘s Access Fee is different so Call Now to clarify yours

The point being that when you own your solar energy power your home is EXEMPT from all future rate hikes from the utility.

You will likely have q2uestions about batteries and what happens during a grid outage and ALL of those questions can be answered in a short telephone discussion – Call us Now to get answers and protect your family from these outrageous policy changes heading our way…

This technique or solution isn’t new, its the same common sense we apply when we decide to RENT a house or BUY it with financing.

Paying for RENTING electricity today...
AFTER using a Solar Re-Fi to OWN your electricity

Important Changes To Electric Billing for 2022

1) Utility companies are moving to Time of Use (TOU) or Time of Day (TOD) pricing models.

2) TOU/TOD pricing may DOUBLE or TRIPLE your electric bill…

3) There is still No ROI renting electricity


  • Qualify your home for the New Solar Re-Fi program
  • No Fees Required for qualifying
  • Start Off the New Year Right!