Reserve your Energy Grant and claim more than $6,000

in discounts and rebates for your custom Solar Energy System!  This offer is bundled with a prepaid 30-Year extended warranty with ZERO deductible — Expires 09-15-2021 

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Consider your options for home energy

You can continue RENTING Electricity

  • NO ownership
  • NO cost control
  • Can’t “pay off” your electric bill
  • NO value is added to your home
  • NO rewards for saving energy
  • Remain Subject to annual electric rate hikes of 3.5% – 5%, and

in 2023 we will see additional 30%-75% rate hikes as the PUC and Federal EPA have mandated ALL coal-fired power plants to decommission or convert to Renewal Energy!

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Reserve your Energy Grant and applicable discounts for 30 days so you have time to review all of your options. like batteries or generators for fail-safe backup!


Average Electric Bill Monthly ($'s)

Benefits of using NMEP

  1. Reduce & Cap your electric rate to about 9.5 cents / kWh
  2. Own your electricity instead of Renting it
  3. Earn energy credits for excess Solar energy not consumed!
  4. Exempt your home from ALL future electric rate hikes
  5. Increase your Home value by 6%-8%
  6. Use available Rebates and Incentives for ZERO down payment installation
  7. Claim a 26% Federal Tax Credit for your system Design!

Your Energy Grant will prepay anywhere from 6-12 months of your electricity bill depending

upon your annual consumption 

NOTE: To calculate your exact Energy Grant amount we will analyze your most recent utility statement – if you have a copy of your last statement handy when we speak.

If you use paperless billing, contact your utility company and ask them to send a PDF copy of your last statement to you via email – this provides the best clarity for reference; then kindly call (719) 671.5000 to schedule a convenient telephone discussion, or email with your request for a callback – Thank You!