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Solar Energy for Houses (Grid-Tie & Off-Grid)


Residential Solar solutions use what is known as a “Grid-Tie” connection, meaning your home remains connected to the grid for energy access at night after the sun goes down.

For an off-grid solution, batteries are most commonly used to provide power at night after being charged again when the sun comes back up in the morning by your solar panels.  Batteries also allow you to store energy that is not being consumed instead of wasting it.

Utilities are moving to adopt Time of Day or Time of Use power pricing. That simply means we will pay the highest amount for electricity during the 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM period, which of course is when most families are all coming home from work, making dinner, washing clothes, taking baths, etcetera…

The takeaway:  Don’t stress about this right now – to combat this pricing model, batteries are readily available and can be used just like in a off-grid scenario.

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