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Net Metering for solar energy


Net Metering for solar energy (NMEP) provides a direct way for homeowners to

  • own their electricity
  • reduce and lock your electric rate at or below what you are paying today
  • exempt your home from All future PUC rate hikes, and

The Net Metering renewable energy program (NMEP) is administered by local power companies in each state under the guidance of each respective state’s Public Utilities Commission.

Back in 2015 the Federal EPA announced an energy policy change that terminated licensing of all fossil fuel (i.e. coal-fired, heavy oil) power plants. As a result, each state’s PUC was required to develop a strategy to decommission their remaining fossil fuel power plants by 2030 or before. Over the last few years the decommissioning process has moved faster than expected and the first coal-fired power plants will be decommissioned in early 2023 –

The impact of decommissioning a power plant is simple…your electric rates go up about 30% – 50%!

The impact of moving to Time of Day or Time of Use utility pricing will cause your electric BILL to go up 50% – 100%, if yuou have a friend in California, ask them whwat their average bill BEFORE Time of Day (TOD) pricing and what it is now.

NMEP is available to all homeowners, but nobody talks about this!

NMEP is designed to extend homeowners excellent benefits and incentives to integrate solar energy as the primary power source for their home, while remaining connected to the grid, which allows the homeowner to take advantage of earning energy credits throughout the day for all excess energy produced and not consumed by your home..

Solar energy generators have no moving parts and are extremely resilient to hail, wind and water withstanding hail-storms routinely seen on the Gulf coast and “Tornado alley” in the mid-west, which have recorded hailstorms and wind speeds in excess of 250 mph.

In the past, IF your solar panels get damaged by a weather event you have likely been in a Tornado and repairs and reconstruction to your home will also be necessary, and would then require a homeowner’s insurance claim. However, this concern is now moot as systems warranties are readily available with 25-year warranty!

When Solar energy generators panels are exposed to sunlight they generate electricity at fixed cost (about 6-8 cents per kWh).

Because you own your solar energy generators, your future electric cost is contained and fixed, and exempt for all future utility rate hikes.

Your cost of electricity then ultimately goes to ZERO after your NMEP equipment is paid off; which is not even an option when you’re RENTING electricity as you do today!

Annual electric rates typically rise 3.5% – 5% a year and are rarely if ever denied. For context, in 2004 the average cost of electricity was about 4 cents per kWh…versus 11-18 cents today!

If you could have capped your electric rate at 4 cents by paying a fixed monthly fee back then, would you have done so?

NMEP is your second chance to do this now and still take advantage of the 26% tax credit gift from the government!  That’s right, the 26% Federal tax credits have been extended for 2021!

Delaying the use of NMEP for your home means you are consciously giving up a 26% free gift from the government. For an average home, that amounts to $5,500 or MORE!

How To Register to use NMEP to OWN your own electricity…

1. Locate your last electric statement

2. Click -> here to upload your (paperless) statement – If you do not have a PDF paperless statement, simply TXT a clear copy of the front and back of your paper statement to 719.671.5000.