Special Offer!

Next-gen Energy Storage Systems using Super Capacitor technology
are now shipping for ALL solar energy systems – when you order now you will save at least $8,900! 

Super Capacitor technology is unique in construction and operation, they are NOT subject to temperature extremes, or altitude; there are no chemical fluids to leak, and require ZERO maintenance. 

The lifetime design testing exceeds 100,000 cycles to a state of charge at 0% – meaning you gain 100% access to ALL of the energy stored.

When we discharge these systems an average of 3 times per day, 365 days per year,  it is equivalent to 91 years of service, and you will still have 99% of original power remaining! 

Conventional LFP and NMC battery technology will still require 10-12 hours of recharge because they have to charge at a lower rate to minimize thermal runaway.

You will likely choose to discharge your super capacitors systems more than once a day in high consumption periods like late summer and in the dead of winter to ensure you Offset all of your energy needs. 

This technology is a literal game changer for the industry; and now,  you can have this technology for your home and business too, at special pricing — 

Our Custom Hybrid Inverter Solar Energy Systems comes integrated with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) to enable you to continue using your solar energy , battery power and/or generator power in the event of a grid outage automatically.

We always deploy super capacitors in pairs as one can be discharging while the other is charging,  providing excellent continuity of power production for your property.

A pair of 5.0 kWh super capacitors (10 kWhs totalcan easily produce an additional 40 kWhs of energy per day at nearly half of what it costs to acquire a 13 kWh TESLA Powerwall Battery which takes all day or night to recharge.

This design means you need less solar panels for your home or business, and still be able to generate consistent power even during winter when solar production is at its lowest – there simply isn’t any other energy storage technology that can do this. 

To see how this next-gen super capacitor technology can benefit your property call 719-671-5000 and mention the special discount code: “SCNOW” or 

email: service@cs2energy.com and insert the code into the body or subject. 

– – Here’s what is included in your Hybrid Solar Energy System — 


Only Tier-1 Equipment

solar energy panels (395-400 watts  for residential; 480-550 watts for Commercial and ground mounts)

25 year (transferrable) warranty 

Sol-Ark 15K
Hybrid Inverter with built-in Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) technology

Native support for Super Capacitor Energy Storage Systems and Generators.

(2) – Super Capacitor Energy Storage modules

< 30 minute recharge time

Simultaneous Charge and Discharge

1-4 charge cycles per day, customizable by time of year and consumption demands

50,000+ lifetime <charge/discharge cycles  

To claim this special offer, call 719-671-5000, and 
provide the special discount code: “SCNOW

or email service@cs2energy.com and include the code above –