Special Offer!

(*** special pricing expires December 26th – act today!)

We just released the industry’s first residential hybrid solar energy system with Graphene Battery Capacitors (GBCs), order before Christmas and save $8,900! 

Graphene Battery Capacitors (GBCs) are NOT subject to temperature extremes, or altitude; they don’t leak. We stopped counting at 50,000 cycles of charge and discharge.  

GBCs are tailorable to your consumption profile. They can be cycled 3-4 times daily! And take only about 30 minutes or less to recharge! 

A 6.25 kW GBC configuration can produce 25.6 kWs /day; use less panels, make more consistent power through-out the entire year, even in the winter! 

Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LFP) and Nickel-Magnesium-Cobalt (NMC) batteries are now obsolete for residential solar energy systems!

To see if your home qualifies for this New Hybrid Solar Energy System, call 719-671-5000 and mention the special discount code: 22GBCNOW  – or email: service@cs2energy.com and insert the code above! 

– – Here’s what’s in our Hybrid Energy Package –


Latest generation

QCELLS 400 watt solar panels

25 year (transferrable) warranty 

Sol-Ark 15K
Hybrid Inverter with a built in Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and native support for Graphene Battery Capacitors (GBCs) and Generator control.

(2) – Ecliptic 3.17 kWh Graphene Battery Capacitors (GBCs)

30 minute recharge time

Simultaneous Charge and Discharge

1-4 charge cycles per day, customizable by month

50,000 lifetime charge/discharge cycles  

To claim this special offer, call 719-671-5000, and provide the special discount code22GBCNOW

or email service@cs2energy.com and include the code above