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As a new Re-Max homeowner you are entitled to receive special discounts on your new customized solar energy system configuration which opens the door to unique equipment not available from any other solar provider.

In 2022 we began shipping next-gen UL certified Graphene Battery Capacitors (GBCs) with ALL solar energy systems, when you order or reserve your order now you will save $8,900! 

Graphene Battery Capacitors (GBCs) are next-gen technology using sheets of one molecule thick carbon atoms (graphene) to generate exceptional power and allow  fast recharging times of less than 30 minutes — there is no other technology that can match this performance.

GBCs are not chemical based batteries, thus are NOT subject to temperature extremes, or altitude; they don’t leak chemical fluids, and require ZERO maintenance. 

The lifetime testing exceeds 50,000 cycles of charge and discharge which is equivalent to 134+ years.  We use this exceptional feature to program our GBCs to be cycled MULTIPLE times in a day meaning you can use a smaller GBC battery, and make more than twice the energy of a conventional LFP or NMC solar battery , acquiring them for half the cost.

GBCs are uniquely additionally able to be programmed to your consumption profile throughout the year. In high consumption periods like late summer, they can be cycled 3-4 times daily and require only about 30 minutes or less to recharge.

We deploy GBCs in pairs, enabling one GBC to be discharging while the other is charging, this provides continuity of power all year long, even in the winter when solar energy is at it lowest production.  The net result is that you eliminate having to rent extra grid power and with our specialized Sol-Ark inverter technology you can support up to 8 GBCs per system upgraded after the fact.

In the Spring and Fall when solar works extremely well you may not need or wish to cycle the GBCs at all – but if you do, it means you will be sending excess energy back to the grid and earning energy credits that are deposited onto your utility account.

For most residential properties a pair of 3.17 kWh GBCs are all that is necessary to accommodate peaks and valleys of energy consumption throughout the year as they can easily produce and additional 25.6 kWs/day; compared to 10-13 kWhs a day for a conventional battery costing TWICE AS MUCH! 

This technology means you will need less solar panels, make consistent power throughout the entire year – there isn’t any other battery technology that can do this. 

GBC technology has obsoleted ALL Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LFP) and Nickel-Magnesium-Cobalt (NMC) batteries for residential and commercial solar energy systems!

To review a custom design for your new home using this game changing technology call 719.671.5000 and mention the special discount code: 23REMAX  – or email: and insert the code above! 

– – Here’s what is in included in your Hybrid Solar Energy Package – 


Latest generation

QCELLS 400 watt solar panels

25 year (transferrable) warranty 

Sol-Ark 15K
Hybrid Inverter with a built in Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and native support for Graphene Battery Capacitors (GBCs) and Generator control.

(2) – Ecliptic 3.17 kWh Graphene Battery Capacitors (GBCs)

30 minute recharge time

Simultaneous Charge and Discharge

1-4 charge cycles per day, customizable by month

50,000 lifetime charge/discharge cycles  

To claim this special offer for your home, call 719-671-5000, and 
mention the special discount code23REMAX

or email and simply include it in the body of the email