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Sloar Energy Solutions

As you researching Solar Energy solutions and costs, start with requesting an Instant Estimate.

Look over the numbers and if you like what you see or perhaps have questions on all of the options, call (719-671-5000) to setup and appointment over the phone, over Zoom, or in person to discuss a full Design report, whether it be for grid-tied, off-grid questions about batteries, generators and transfer switches and even Wind Chargers.

It may feel like there is a lot to consider but we can dramatically to help sift through all the options and help you focus quickly on proven technologies that are rock solid and designed to last 25-35 years.

One of the most useful options to acquire a complete Solar Energy solution with zero out of pocket expenses, is the use of a Solar Re-Fi.

A Solar RE-FI lowers your total monthly expenses, and all but eliminates your electricity bill for the long term –  you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this before. The takeaway is…you get to control your Utility Bill not the other way around.

There coming changes related to something called Time-Of-Day utility pricing which you won’t care much for.  This same pricing “policy” was invoked in California where the average electric bill is now  $550 per month. Yes, its that ugly.

You are on a good path though but looking at Solar now, as you can still claim a great Federal Tax Credit and save yourself a LOT of headache with TOD pricing.


Have a great week…